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 - Roger Janson

 - Bill Andres


 - Fr. Kenneth Popp (Pastor) 

 - Roger Janson

 - Bill Andres

 - Joann Otremba

 - Grant Stangl


 - Michael Pekar (Pastoral Associate)

 - Mike Andres

 - Domino Herold

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 - Grant Stangl

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St. Michael's Christian Mothers/Women:

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​​St. Michael's Mission Statement:

​St. Michael's Parish is a community of faith with deep roots of Catholic heritage and rural living.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and belief in the power of prayer, we strive to better our community and to educate adults and children alike in the Christian faith.  We worship joyfully and bear witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.​


St. Michael's Catholic Church

Buckman, MN


 - Michael Pekar (Pastoral Associate)

 - Brad Bednar 

 - Meghann Boser

 - Sarah Fyten 

 - Amanda Marshik 

 - Brian Prokott

 - Al Pekarek

 - Neal Kimman 

 - Andy Kapsner

 - John Smude

 - Jon Stumpf

 - Mike Virnig

 - Leo Wehseler​​

St. Joseph's Mission Statement: 

​St. Joseph's Parish is a Catholic, Christian community built from hard work and a strong heritage of deep faith in God.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we welcome all people as children of God and seek to love and serve the Christ in one another.  By worshiping and praying together, by celebrating the sacraments and by providing quality education for all, we hope to grow in faith so that we can fulfill our call to follow Jesus.

**If you are interested in renting the hall, call the parish office at (320) 468-6033 to verify the date you are interested in renting is available

St. Joseph & St. Michael

Parish Groups​​



St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Pierz, MN

 Central Minnesota TEC - Together Encountering Christ

         Application Form 

    (October 18th -20th 2019 to May 16th -18th 2020)​     

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 - Harold Meyer
 - Joanne Broschofsky


 - Fr. Kenneth Popp (Pastor)

 - Harold Meyer
 - Joanne Broschofsky
 - Jason Gruber
 - Mike Virnig