Parish Staff

   Parish Secretaries
        - Michelle Thomsen
- Jessica Gunther(Part Time)

        - Natalie Thomsen (Part Time)

  St. Joseph's Parish Custodian       St. Michael's Parish Custodian

       - Steve Boser                                  - Ron Kahl

 I am honored that the Lord has led me to serve the people of these two parishes and to help the Pastor, Fr. Ken Popp, provide 
 Pastoral care and leadership.  I have been married for 25+ years to my best friend, Mary Kay, and we have three children, Ruth
 and Beth who are adults and Charles who is with us here in the Pierz school.  Our unofficial family motto has become,
 “Remember, life is an adventure and that is OK if you remember Who is in control, if you let Him.” Among other things, our
 adventure has included 20 years of parish ministry, a Masters in Theology, meeting many people longing for closeness to the
​ Lord, seeing great acts of God, and a warm welcome from the parish communities here.

Pastoral Associate Michael Pekar

Father Ken Popp

St. Michael's Catholic Church

Buckman, MN

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Pierz, MN

St. Joseph & St. Michael

Parish Staff​

 I was born to Arthur and Regina Popp in Rice, Mn. I have six living siblings and one brother who has died and gone to heaven. I
 grew up in Rice and attended Rice Elementary School.  From there I went to Cathedral High School and graduated in 1971.  Following high school I studied for ten years out east with the bulk of the time in Washington D.C.  My studies included
 philosophy and theology.  I completed my theological studies for the priesthood at St. John's Seminary in Collegeville, MN and
 was ordained a priest in 1983.  During all my priesthood, I have served in several parishes in the St. Cloud Diocese.  At present I
 am pastor at St. Joseph in Pierz and St. Michael in Buckman.

St. Joseph's Mission Statement: 

​St. Joseph's Parish is a Catholic, Christian community built from hard work and a strong heritage of deep faith in God.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we welcome all people as children of God and seek to love and serve the Christ in one another.  By worshiping and praying together, by celebrating the sacraments and by providing quality education for all, we hope to grow in faith so that we can fulfill our call to follow Jesus.

​​St. Michael's Mission Statement:

​St. Michael's Parish is a community of faith with deep roots of Catholic heritage and rural living.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and belief in the power of prayer, we strive to better our community and to educate adults and children alike in the Christian faith.  We worship joyfully and bear witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.​